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First Flight Venture Center and The Launch Place Announce Partnership

October 27, 2014

The Launch Place, a nonprofit organization that provides consulting services and investment and subsidy opportunities for startups in Danville, Va., is partnering with a Research Triangle Park- based technology incubator, First Flight Venture Center (FFVC), to attract FFVC resident companies to The Launch Place Seed Fund as they look to become viable and competitive.

According to The Launch Place’s President & CEO Eva Doss, this seed fund can be first money for companies seeking angel and other equity-based investors and can serve as an accelerator for companies needing more limited capital to launch. “We have the flexibility to structure deals as debt, convertible debt or equity,” she said.

VT KnowledgeWorks $25,000 Game Changers Challenge

October 13, 2014

Game Changers Challenge is an opportunity for one entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team to qualify for a $25,000 "Running Start" loan plus a package of free start-up assistance services.  Solid runners-up may also qualify for free start-up assistance. 

How to Attract Angel or Venture Capital Backing

October 9, 2014

Senior Advisor of our Seed Fund, Greg Feldmann, is making two presentations on November 10, one in Roanoke and the other in Blacksburg, on how to attract angel or venture capital backing.

MIT's How to Launch a Successful Startup Company

October 7, 2014

In the following videos, Bill Aulet talks about his 24 step process to launching a successful startup, providing a glance at what students at MIT are learning about entrepreneurship and innovation. Learn about key steps to launching a successful startup, and understand the importance of discipline, experimentation, iteration, and customer focus in the entrepreneurial process. Click here for videos.