June 4, 2015

WDBJ7 by Danielle Staub



WDBJ7 is getting a first hand look at the progress one start up company in Danville has made over the past three years.

As part of business appreciation week,  KSi Data Sciences showed a group this afternoon how it uses drones for remote sensing.

KSi manages all the data that is collected through drones or other similar robots and puts it in the cloud.

Then that data is available to whomever their customer wants to have see it. 

The company's founder says drones are now being used everywhere from Fortune 500 Companies to EMS and first responders.

"Dull, dirty, dangerous is what the industry likes to say if you don't want to pay somebody to sit there for 50 hours and watch. It's dirty or it's dangerous, put a robot out there to do it," Founder Jason Barton said.

The founder says they focus on data privacy, because it's a big concern right now.

Their customers range from railroads to gas and oil companies, precision agriculture and international businesses.