May 12, 2014


Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) May 09, 2014

At a news conference yesterday, SEAL Innovation, Inc. (SEAL), Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC) and iX3 Sports announced ambitious goals for their new partnership, including the sponsorship by SEAL of the professional swim team created by iX3 Sports training to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The Seal Innovation Team will train exclusively at TAC in Cary, North Carolina.

With organizational missions aligned around swimming, the partnership will encourage four key ‘S.W.I.M.’ goals: Safety, Winning, Information and Market benefits.

In his opening remarks, news conference moderator and SEAL corporate finance, operations and development officer Justin Calvillo said that the partnership “in the works for a while” brings together three organizations that individually focus on different aspects of aquatics, but together will “think differently” about ways to advance their common goals of swim safety, enjoyment, economic benefit and competition.

“We are excited to kick off this partnership during National Water Safety month to bring awareness to the importance of aquatic safety,” said Mike Curran, President of TAC. “Learning how to swim does save lives, and promoting safe swimming is one of the most important goals of our partnership” he added.

Curran continued that “three swim teams nationally ranked in the top 25 of more than 2500 U.S. swim teams train in the Triangle. With promoting competition and winning as part of our new partnership’s goals, we want to encourage the Triangle as a destination for training elite Olympic swimmers.”

While calling swimming “one of his greatest life pleasures,” emergency physician Dr. Graham Snyder acknowledged the sadness and frustration he feels in the ER when a swimming accident causes loss of life. He created SEAL Innovation and has become a vocal champion for using wearable technology to enhance swim safety and early rescue; reduce loss of life; and encourage more people to learn to swim.

Said Snyder: “We need to spread the message that early learn-to-swim lessons; parental and lifeguard vigilance; excellent pool and safety protocols; facility standards; and technology together provide the best defense. Promoting safety and information are key reasons we formed our partnership. I am honored to associate with a leading aquatic center and some of the world’s greatest swimmers to accomplish this.”

“Our announcement today highlights what we think competitive and recreational swimming as well as safety can be,” said John Payne, TAC senior director of coaching and SEAL Innovation Team coach. “In addition to competing at a high level, our athletes are excited to join TAC and SEAL in creating awareness for swim safety,” Coach Payne added.

Payne introduced SEAL Innovation Team athletes in attendance, Charlie Houchin, Alex Meyer and Ashley Twichell, all accomplished world-class competitive swimmers; Chloe Sutton, in California participating in a learn-to-swim event for underprivileged children at the time of the press conference, also trains on the team. All team athletes have their sights set on participating in the 2016 Olympics.

Payne mentioned that promoting swim safety is personal for Alex and Ashley, who lost a close friend and fellow competitor in a drowning incident during an open water race. “It’s not just emerging swimmers that can benefit from SEAL’s technology; all swimmers can. Drowning affects everyone, and we are proud to participate in this partnership. ” Payne added.  Immediate initiatives for the partnership include launching the SEAL Innovation Team website ( within the next 30 days to advance swimming enjoyment through safety and provide information about the partnership’s activities. SEAL Innovation Team members will have opportunities to work at SEAL and will advance the partnership’s goals of promoting swim safety through social media and at personal appearances.

The partners believe that their alliance also will benefit each organization and create economic impact in the Triangle and beyond.

“TAC currently employs over 100 people and through competitions and other means provides $5 million of economic benefit to the Triangle,” said Curran. “Partnering with SEAL and having the SEAL Innovation Team train exclusively at TAC will strengthen us,” he predicts.

Said Snyder: “Investing in the Triangle by creating SEAL Innovation here made perfect sense for many reasons including the robust technology footprint and talent here.”

“Wearable technology is a fast-growing industry, and we could not be more proud to have our company in North Carolina. Our partnership with iX3 and TAC will help create awareness for how wearable technology contributes to a safer swimming experience. We plan to make our product available internationally; as our company grows, it is our hope that SEAL’s investment in the Triangle, North Carolina and beyond also will grow,” he added.

“My goals for our partnership are simple: through advancing our ‘S.W.I.M.’ mission, I want more children to develop a passion for swimming leading to increased opportunity for one of them to become the next Alex, Ashley, Charlie or Chloe,” Payne added.

To kick off the partnership, all three organizations will support the USA Swimming Foundation’s ’31 Days of #MakeaSplash’ social media campaign this month to promote learn to swim and water safety.

About SEAL Innovation, Inc.

SEAL Innovation created The SEAL SwimSafe™ wearable technology for swimmers of all ages. If the system detects a swimmer in potential distress, the SEAL band worn by the swimmer triggers a high intensity visible, audible, and vibrating alarm so that rescue can begin quickly. The state-of-the-art system was designed for use as part of an aquatics safety plan to include parental and lifeguard vigilance; learning to swim; and facility safety measure implementation.

About Triangle Aquatic Center

The Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC) builds and operates public aquatic facilities for the health, safety, recreation and competition needs of Triangle-citizens and aquatic organizations. The SEAL Innovation Team trains exclusively at TAC.

About iX3 Sports, LLC

Born from a desire to nurture talented swimmers into world-class athletes, iX3 Sports created and manages the SEAL Innovation Team comprised of professional athletes training to individually qualify for and compete at the 2016 Summer Olympics. The team trains exclusively at TAC.