January 26, 2010

MHC Historical Society Taps the SBCT to Develop a Plan for Henry County Courthouse

The purpose of this feasibility study is to develop a market analysis with specific recommendations for the uses, tenants, management and staffing structure, and funding strategy for operations of the Courthouse once a planned $4 million capital campaign is completed.

A study team under the leadership of the SBTC will include additional experts and consultants from: Virginia Tech’s Office of Economic Development, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce, and Ware Bonsall Architects from Charlotte, N.C. Each organization will perform specific tasks related to their field of expertise and co-operate on the final project delivery with the SBTC.

As part of the project development process, the SBTC will establish a project advisory committee, comprised of individuals representing businesses, corporate, education, government, nonprofit, philanthropic organizations, property owners and civic communities in Martinsville-Henry County . The committee will ensure that the options considered for the use of the Courthouse are based on community needs and interests as it relates to revitalizing the Martinsville uptown area and preserving the historic structure.

“This is an ideal project for the SBTC. We will be a part of developing a comprehensive, realistic view of the courthouse’s strengths, weaknesses and competitive potential,” said Eva Doss, SBTC Executive Director.

Debbie Hall of the Historical Society agreed. “The SBTC has the resources to pull together a quality team of experts in historical rehabilitation to help us assess the best use options for development of this courthouse. We are eager to restore this important resource so that it may resume its original purpose of serving the citizens of Martinsville and Henry County ,” she said.

The SBTC opened its Martinsville office on May 17, 2005, at the West Piedmont Business Development Center . The SBTC offers management consulting services to local and regional companies and entrepreneurs for non-profit fees. The center also offers internship opportunities to students from local and regional colleges and universities who are exposed to real business problems and enhance their strategic thinking.

Since the beginning of its establishment the SBTC has delivered valuable business plans, market research, financial analysis and product development reports and other result driven consulting projects to over 50 Southside companies and nonprofit organizations. The projects had positive, measurable impact on the companies’ bottom lines including, but not limited to: cuts in operating expenses, securing additional capital, improved operational processes, increased sales and launching of new programs.