August 3, 2020

(August 3, 2020, Raleigh, NC)  Panaceutics Nutrition Inc., a provider of personalized nutrition products, today announced the general availability of its i-Vive branded nutritional support products. i-Vive products are tailored to meet specific nutritional goals that Panaceutics customers have identified as important to their health.  The first product released is i-Vive Immune Support, a nutrition product designed to help support immune health.  Panaceutics anticipates releasing more products that address specific health needs in the next few months.

Panaceutics Nutrition is a leader in customized and personalized nutrition, leveraging years of research in formulations and automation to create personalized nutrition products. Due to our research and technology, our products combine a range of micro- and macro-nutrients, fibers and other helpful nutrients in a single serving that is easy to use, can be consumed anywhere, and tastes great.

“Through our work with channel partners, we have demonstrated the ability to create truly personalized nutritional products.  The i-Vive brand allows us to create products for specific needs or customer segments that may not need complete personalization initially,” said Edison Hudson, the company’s founder and CTO. “Our i-Vive products have the same benefits as our personalized products – combining great nutrition with a convenience and flexibility unmatched by other nutrition products, in an exceptionally tasty fruit puree.”

The i-Vive Immune Support products can be purchased on the i-Vive brand website (  The Immune Support product was specifically formulated to provide nutrients that support immune health, including vitamins A, B complex, C and D, minerals such as selenium and zinc, and other ingredients demonstrated to provide immune support, such as elderberry concentrates and beta-glucan.

About i-Vive

i-Vive is a brand within the Panaceutics Nutrition company, created to provide customized nutrition products to meet specific health or customer segment needs.  You can learn more about i-Vive, or purchase i-Vive Immune Support at

About Panaceutics Nutrition Inc.

Panaceutics® is the registered trademark of Panaceutics Nutrition Inc. The company was founded in 2018 in Research Triangle Park, NC by Edison Hudson, a robotics inventor and entrepreneur with multiple exits, and Lloyd Staton Noel III, a pharmacologist with 20 years in drug development at Glaxo Smith Kline.  Based on its deep intellectual property and automated processes, Panaceutics can provide a spectrum of nutritional products from mass customization to products personalized to an individual, giving consumers the nutrition they need, safely and conveniently.  For more information visit: