August 19, 2019

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About Panaceutics:

The new era of personalized healthcare is built on a foundation of on-demand formulation, which enables B2B stakeholders, such as healthcare systems, integrated delivery partners, pharmaceutical companies, and nutritional product manufacturers to provide personalized pharmaceutical poly therapies and clinical nutrition products to high volume populations – fast, safely, accurately, and efficiently – with enhanced CGMP compliance and without the need for costly in-house infrastructure and associated overhead.

Formulation With over 100 years of combined expertise in specialty medications and pharmacies, cloud computing, and robotics technologies, Panaceutics has started a revolution in next generation precision poly therapy dosing and delivery. Panaceutics is focused on automating production of personalized healthcare solutions under CGMP manufacturing standards.

Through our innovative cloud-based, robot-automated, high-throughput system, Panaceutics quickly develops individual formulations using high- quality generic medications based on an individual’s personal clinical and genomic profile for safer, more effective drug combinations.

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