December 13, 2016

Join KSI Data Sciences

Who is KSI?
In 2012, a group of unique people with a genuine love of gadgets (like drones), movies (like Star Wars) and television (like Blacklist) got together to form KSI. We wanted to create a company that could make video and sensor data from robots and drones cool. We wanted to make our software usable by geeks and non-geeks alike. If a product isn't a breakthrough, cool, and usable by someone who isn’t a geek, then it won't be made by KSI.

Our People
The people of KSI consist of programmers, engineers, computer and video experts, designers, mathematicians, dreamers, kite surfers (notice our logo?), musicians, marketing types and even normal people (gotta have a non-geek or two). We also share a common love of science fiction, movies and music. We are the ones who wait in line (with our kids) to see the 3 a.m. showing of the Dark Knight Rises at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco.

Our History
KSI isn’t our first dance. We are experienced entrepreneurs. Before we founded KSI, many of our programmers, engineers and designers spent the last 10-15 years creating ground-breaking video technology at other companies (some of which we founded). We created some pretty fun things (like digital asset management systems used for film and television production) and some really hard things (like drone video/data management and processing systems for the military). You've seen our inventions and hard work used by major television networks (ever watched Law and Order, X-Files or NYPD Blue?) and in major feature films (like Star Wars Episode I, II, and III), and if you were in the military and watched any drone video, chances are that was us too.

The Future
The people of KSI are unique, and fairly well-equipped in the brain power department, so there is never a lack of ideas, passion, or excitement. Our next big product is MissionKeeper, which promises unprecedented video search, analytics and story telling power, all in the cloud. What comes after that? Well, we could tell you, but then....well, you know the rest! The ability to release more products faster is very important to us because we are just as impatient as you when it comes to getting our hands on the latest, greatest inventions, so stay tuned.

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