October 11, 2016

center for innovative technologyThe Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) has announced the Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) Request for Proposals (RFP) for FY2017. The solicitation is open and Letters of Intent (LOIs) are due by Thursday, November 10th. Award announcements are planned for early June 2017.

Informational webinars discussing the FY2017 solicitation will be available throughout the submission period. More information about dates and times are located at this link - webinar schedule (scroll to bottom of the page).

The CRCF grows Virginia’s economy by supporting high-potential technology commercialization projects at Virginia's public and private colleges and universities, the private sector and nonprofit research institutions. A single solicitation for $2.8 million will be offered in FY2017, with five programs available for funding: Commercialization, SBIR Matching Funds, STTR Matching Funds, Matching Funds and Eminent Researcher Recruitment.

Awards from the CRCF further the goals and industry opportunities set forth the in the Commonwealth Research and Technology (R&T) Strategic Roadmap. Eligible technology sectors this round are advanced manufacturing, cyber security, energy, environment – specifically water quality, information technology, life sciences and unmanned systems.

Details about the FY2017 solicitation are available on CIT’s website at http://www.cit.org/initiatives/crcf/fy2017-solicitation/. Here applicants also will find critical resources, including the link to submit an LOI, program guidelines, webinars, and more. Please direct questions to crcf@cit.org.

In FY2016, CIT issued one solicitation resulting in $3.4 million recommended for award in 48 projects. This leveraged the Commonwealth’s investment with approximately $11.6 million in matching funds. To date, the CRCF has announced nearly $20 million in support of 232 projects with leveraged dollars of $51.4 million. In FY2016, CRCF recipients reported a total of $69 million in additional follow-on investments.

About the CRCF and R&T Roadmap
The Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) advances science- and technology-based research, development and commercialization to drive economic growth in Virginia and to encourage collaboration among its institutions of higher education and partnerships between these colleges and universities and business and industry