January 13, 2016

Next Generation Bandwidth Management

CirrusWorks is the leader in dynamic bandwidth management. The CirrusWorks Governor optimizes traffic during peak congestion periods to ensure fast and reliable Internet performance for all users all the time. Only CirrusWorks employs AutoAlgorithms™ that adapt to unpredictable traffic patterns in real time, without the need to configure any rules or policies. CirrusWorks is enabling organizations across all verticals to improve network performance and avoid costly bandwidth upgrades simply, efficiently and effectively.  

CirrusWorks assembles the Governor devices in a new operations center in Danville, Virginia.  The LINUX-based devices utilize standard, off-the-shelf components. Currently, the Governor is available in either shelf-top or 1U rack-mount form factors. LAN speeds up to 1Gbps of throughput are supported.