Helping you offset your start-up costs

The Launch Place has the resources to help you offset some of your start-up costs by offering investment opportunities – our Pre-Seed Investment Program and Seed Fund – as well as other resources to help your company grow.

When investments are considered, The Launch Place gives priority to the following industries:

  • Nano Technology
  • Green Technology
  • Alternative Energy
  • Advance Manufacturing
  • Advanced Materials
  • Medical Devices
  • Information Technology

Seed Fund
Seed Fund, with the flexibility to structure deals as debt, convertible debt or equity with the capacity to fund up to $500,000 per company.

Pre-Seed Investment Fund
Pre-Seed Investment Program, with an opportunity to secure a maximum of $25,000 for product and market validation and $50,000 for business  model refinement for a total of $75,000 per company.

Plus, don’t forget, for our portfolio companies we offer:

Learn more about our Seed Fund application process and criteria: