Martin J. “Marty” Kaszubowski

Martin J. “Marty” Kaszubowski

Board Member
Technology Mentor, Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program (ICAP), Virginia Small Business Development Center Network, George Mason University

Marty is an aerospace engineer and spent his early career working on the Space Shuttle, Space Station, and planetary mission planning programs. He served as a Senior Program Director at the National Academy of Sciences’ Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board, founded the Hampton Roads Technology Incubator in late-1998, and has been involved ever since in supporting the local, national, and global innovation and entrepreneurial community as a consultant, advisor, investor, mentor, and therapist.

Over the last decade, Marty has helped develop a variety of new community and university-based programs to support entrepreneurs and has often been tapped by the US State Department and related Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to advocate for innovation-led economic development, help assess and develop innovation ecosystems, provide entrepreneurship training and mentoring, and judge startup competitions in several former Soviet states and around the world.

Marty is currently a Technology Mentor with the Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program (ICAP) and serves on numerous non-profit Boards including The Launch Place, the Hampton Roads Innovation Collaborative, The Investment Advisory Board of the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation, Virginia Bio-Connect, and the ReAKTOR Accelerator.

Marty holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science Degree in Technology Management from the George Washington University.