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The Launch Place provides superior business consulting services for all stages of businesses, from helping entrepreneurs in the earliest stage of a great idea to business growth and expansion by offering a menu of services, such as:

  • Business Plan Development - A written description of your business’s future. Components include the Executive Summary, which is very important in stating concisely what you want to do and what you need from investors, a description of your industry, product design, operations and management plan, financial data and various analyses, which are described in more detailed below. 
  • Competitor Analysis - The strengths and weaknesses of your competitors within your market, strategies that will give you a competitive advantage, barriers for your competitors to overcome and that can be exploited within the product development cycle. 
  • Market Research and Analysis - The ability to demonstrate that you are familiar with all aspects of the market so that the target market can be defined and your company can be positioned to garner its share of sales.
  • Financial Modeling - An analysis of your financial assets or portfolio of your business.
  • Industry Analysis - Similar to a Market Analysis, while involving market, economic and political factors influencing the way the industry develops, such as the impact of suppliers, conditions of competitors and likelihood of new competitors.
  • Feasibility Studies - For new product development, various questions are explored, such as: Is it technically feasible? Is it feasible within the estimated cost? Will it generate a profit, which may require doing a cost benefit analysis?
  • Organizational Analysis - An in depth review of your business functions and logistics, such as, but not limited to: Management team responsibilities, tasks assigned to each division of your company and capital and expense requirements related to your business operations.
  • Mergers and Acquisition - Assistance in these processes to help you maintain or create shareholder value, enhance revenue and save costs.
  • And many others.

If your business needs assistance, we can help.

Our business consulting services are heavily subsidized and fees are based on the company's business development stage and the scope of each individual project.  Initial consultations are free.  So, if your business is in need of some assistance, please contact us.

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