October 10, 2019

Entrepreneur Ecosystem Coordinator Job Description:

The Dan River Region (DRR) Entrepreneur Ecosystem, under the leadership of The Launch Place (fiscal agent) and the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce, is looking for a competent and capable individual who will focus on the mission-related activities and critical relationships that create a healthy, effective and robust ecosystem. Reporting to the Ecosystem Advisory Committee about all aspects of his/her job performance, and specifically to The Launch Place President and CEO regarding all accounting, reporting, financial and budgetary matters, this individual will be responsible for guiding the ecosystem along the critical developmental path, convening, communicating and coordinating regional and hyperlocal stakeholders. The DRR Ecosystem has been intentionally building its ecosystem since early 2014, in order to create pathways to push momentum forward, break down silos and facilitate opportunities for entrepreneurs across our region to collide in new and innovative ways. We are working on developing and connecting places, people and programs that will move our ecosystem forward.


  • Provide a point of contact for entrepreneur activity throughout the Dan River Region
  • Plan, organize and lead the Entrepreneur Ecosystem Advisory Committee meetings with local resource providers, stakeholders and entrepreneurs (6-12 annually)
  • Build trust and relationships with local entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial service providers
  • Provide constant contact with stakeholders, resource providers and entrepreneurs via the development of a comprehensive communication strategy
  • Oversee website, social media, and public relations communications including spotlights of local entrepreneurs
  • In partnership with ecosystem stakeholders, plan, organize and facilitate inclusive programmatic events that empower and support all entrepreneurs. Examples may include small business workshops, networking activities, pitch contests and educational forums.
  • Work with Danville Community College to develop the Steam-Pipe program focused on youth entrepreneurship
  • Help identify leaders in the entrepreneurial community while building a strong network of entrepreneurs
  • Develop a marketing campaign to promote local entrepreneurs with focus on inclusion and to create awareness of the resources available to underserved populations
  • Analyze national and local trends in entrepreneurship and how they can be utilized regional and hyper-locally
  • Recommend annual budget to Advisory Committee based on the parameters of the Danville Regional Foundation grant and subsequently operate within it
  • Understand the activities of hyperlocal entrepreneur groups in all three regions of the service area (Caswell County, NC, Danville, VA, and Pittsylvania County, VA)
  • Work with city, town and county governments and policy makers to provide information on policies that help or hinder entrepreneurship
  • Explore and work with partners to foster and grow markets that help entrepreneurs succeed such as retail, online direct customer or wholesale opportunities           

Abilities and skills:

  • Education – bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, or related field. Experience with starting a company and engaging with entrepreneurs is preferred
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to lead through inspired collaboration
  • Budget management
  • Event planning
  • Collaborate with stakeholders on financial investments into the ecosystem work
  • Meeting facilitation, agenda formation and effective presentation in the meetings
  • Effective communication before, during and after meetings
  • Research skills
  • Community visioning
  • Strong computer skills
  • Self-disciplined and organized
  • Comfortably work with public, private and non-profit sectors while remaining a neutral stakeholder in ecosystem


Apply online at http://bit.ly/DRR_EcosystemJob.

Deadline to Apply Extended: December 15, 2019