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Fostering entrepreneurs, building a stronger economy. 

The Launch Place strives to foster an environment for new and serial entrepreneurs to raise capital and garner the support system needed to take their products and/or solutions into the market place. By doing so, The Launch Place has positioned the Danville City and Pittsylvania County region of  Virginia and Caswell County in North Carolina, to become once again a hub for innovation.

For decades, the Danville region was bustling in tobacco, textiles, and furniture manufacturing, but as those industries declined, the region’s economy suffered. Yet what made the Danville region unique for so many years is still here and relevant today - the warehouses, transportation corridors, and central location and, let’s not forget, visionaries, from both the private and public sectors.

The Danville Regional Foundation understood this and in 2012 awarded The Launch Place $10 million grant to help foster an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation with the goal to build a stronger local and regional economy. Out of $10 million, a $5 million seed fund was established to invest in start-ups and serial entrepreneurs.

With this DRF investment, The Launch Place looks for investment opportunities and offers a full menu of services for entrepreneurs to be successful in its office locations in Danville, Virginia and the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Looking to plan, fund, launch, and grow a business? If yes, contact us today.  

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