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Founded along the beautiful Dan River along the southern boarder of Virginia, Danville has a long history of innovation, thriving industry, and connectedness.  Named Danville in 1793, the location along the river proved a significant benefit to the town, as the water power from the falls enabled innovation in tobacco and textile processing.  A strong force in the economy, Danville soon had the railroad at its door, and it's proximity to several major interstates provided easy transportation of goods up and down the the northeast corridor.

The history of the thriving economy is written all over Danville.  From the large, sturdy brick warehouses, to Millionaire's row- the Victorian mansions built by the previous leaders of industry in the area- everywhere you look you can see the markers of a thriving place to live, work, and play. Though tobacco and textiles no longer dominate the economy, Danville is finding new ways to connect to the current economic forces and revitalize itself.

Connectedness is still a theme for Danville, and the Amtrak service, proximity to interstates, and the easy drives to Richmond, VA, Washington D.C., and Research Triangle Park, NC are still important aspects of living and working here.  But there's more.  Through a major revitalization project, Danville is connecting work to quality of life.  Re-envisioning brick warehouses into beautiful living spaces with commercial space below.  A science center in an old train depot, a large concert venue, an art museum, a dog park, and a large farmer's market are only the beginnings of what you will find here to make life in Danville a warm, inviting one.

With the history of embracing innovation, Danville becomes an excellent place to work as well.  The energy and possibilities abound here.  By aggressively attracting new businesses to the area, the community of other entrepreneurs and small business owners allows for the business community to support one another as well.  Embracing the fresh and new, and celebrating innovation and possibilities makes this place the place to launch your new venture.

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