2017 Challenge

The Big Launch Challenge

$32,000 in Awards

LIVE Competition - October 10, 2017

The Big Launch Challenge is a joint venture between The Launch Place and the First Flight Venture Center designed to showcase technology-related business ideas in a highly competitive environment. The pitch competition includes awards totaling up to $32,000 for the winners. The challenge has a total of two rounds, plus a final LIVE event. The Big Launch Challenge LIVE event is scheduled for 1:00 pm on October 10, 2017, at the Research Triangle Park Headquarters located at 12 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC.

  • 1st Place $20,000
  • 2nd Place $10,000
  • Audience Choice $2,000 -- NEW this year
10 Finalist will be selected this year.

The challenge is an annual event and offers startups valuable business networking and capital opportunities, as well as critical resources. The goal of The Big Launch Challenge is to foster entrepreneurship by offering education, team creation, mentorship, early-stage prototyping, and potential follow-on seed financing.  Startups from the nanotechnology, green technology, alternative energy, advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, medical devices, and information technology industries are invited to apply for The Big Launch Challenge’s fourth year.

  • Stephen Clossick, Fund Manager, Triangle Angel Partners
  • Bob Creeden, Managing Director, University of Virginia Seed Fund & New Ventures; Board Member, The Launch Place Seed Fund
  • Jan Davis, Retired CEO, ShopperTrak RCT Corporation; Investor, Triangle Angel Partners; Board Chair, The Launch Place Seed Fund; and Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Paul Nolde, Director, NRV
  • James Ramey, Principal and Fund Manager – Middleland Capital – VTC Innovation Fund

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Details from last year’s event are available at https://thebiglaunchchallenge.launchgen.com/.

For additional information, contact Kelly Fitzgerald at kfitzgerald@thelaunchplace.org.