2015 Challenge

Winners from the 2015 Big Launch Challenge

1st Place Winner - Camras Vision

Camras Vision has created the Camras Shunt, a patented device that provides the first-ever personalized pressure control to attain the highest level of efficacy in stopping glaucoma progression. The Camras Shunt provides an unprecedented long-term solution that is bundled in a safe, quick, and simple surgery. No current therapy can achieve a personalized pressure in the eye to prevent vision loss for all patients.

2nd Place Winners

Tom & Jenny's Candy
Tom & Jenny’s creates naturally-sweetened, cavity-preventing and diabetic-friendly candies that do not compromise on taste. Founded by a dentist in her home kitchen, Tom & Jenny’s developed an innovative sugar-free caramel preferred over sugar caramels by 60% of blind taste-testers, and which is attracting growing consumer attention. The candies use an innovative blend of natural sweeteners that have been proven to reduce cavity-causing bacteria by up to 70%. Additionally, the candies have a low glycemic index and have fewer calories than standard sugar candy.

Velosal Medical
Velosal Medical, Inc. develops innovative medical devices for critical care and emergency medicine. Velosal is committed to acquiring, developing and commercializing products that reduce risk and improve patient outcomes. The company plans to introduce its first product during 2016, the VAIDb -First Pass laryngoscope.


  1. Camras Vision
  2. Indexus Biomedical, LLC
  3. SeaChange Technologies
  4. Velosal Medical, Inc
  5. Tom & Jenny's Candy
  6. GO Leaf

About the Challenge

The Big Launch Challenge is a joint venture between The Launch Place and the First Flight Venture Center designed to showcase technology-related business ideas in a highly competitive environment. The business plan competition includes awards totaling up to $30,000 for the winners. The challenge has a total of two rounds, plus a final LIVE event. The challenge is an annual event and offers startups valuable business networking and capital opportunities, as well as critical resources. The goal of The Big Launch Challenge is to foster entrepreneurship by offering education, team creation, mentorship, early-stage prototyping, and potential follow-on seed financing.  Startups from the nano technology, green technology, alternative energy, advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, medical devices, and information technology industries were invited to apply.

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