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Technology to Keep Swimmers Safe

Article by The New York Times about SEAL Innovations, developer of The SEAL SwimSafe Band - the ultimate in swim safe technology.

The Launch Place invests in FokusLabs, developer of anti-distraction wearable

The Launch Place announced today that it is investing $25,000 in FokusLabs, to fund research and development of RE-vibe, FokusLab’s anti-distraction vibrating wristband.  RE-vibeTM is a vibration reminder band designed by a school psychologist to get wandering minds back on-task.

Virginia Business: Seed fund attracts personalized therapy firm

by Joan Tupponce

Panacea BioMatx Inc. co-founders Edison Hudson and L. Staton Noel III might not have considered expanding their personalized therapy company to Danville if they hadn’t received a $250,000 seed-fund investment from The Launch Place.

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